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Virtual Reality

It is probably difficult to find a person in a developed country who has not heard of virtual reality. First depicted in dystopian science-fiction movies of the 1980s, it quickly… Read more »

Life of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is a bit of a mystery. In fact, there is not much known about him for certain. However, there are registrar records, tax records, real estate records, court… Read more »

The Carpathian Mountains

By Nicholas Klacsanzky After the Scandinavian Mountains, the Carpathian Mountains is the longest mountain range in Europe. It stretches approximately 1500 kilometers through Central and Eastern Europe. More specifically, the… Read more »

Causes of Unemployment

Though employment worldwide seems to be rising, unemployment is still a serious issue. Also, there are many workers that can easily be fired and with positions that are unstable. But… Read more »


YouTube was and still is still a mass craze. It is a video-sharing website that features home-made videos from creators, and also professionally made content from companies, experts, forums, and… Read more »

My First Job

By Nicholas Klacsanzky Everyone’s first job is special. There are a couple of reasons for this: the experience is burned in one’s memory, it gives you the practice needed to… Read more »